Abandoned cars as a landscape

Across the United States, along the rivers of the rivers, but also beyond, there are rusty cars forgotten since the time when people thought that throwing cars in them would win the battle with erosion.

These cars, abandoned by their owners, are the relics of the 1950s, when the ‘erosion experiment’ was in force. What, in fact, was happening? The cars were removing the engine and other elements that could be used, and the body was thrown into the water. If he reached the river bed, his part remained forever. Some cars have managed to hold on the surface of the water and floating creating a strange sight.

The method of entering a car in rivers and streams to stop erosion is known as ‘Detroit Riprap’.

His popularity was not limited to the Midwest, but he still got his name from a place to manufacture cars in Detroit.

For a while it was a popular way to use old cars. But abandoned cars with their residues of grease, paint, oil and rust are neither safe nor environmentally sound, especially not to be in the water. That is why this practice is rare today.

Today, some of the long-cast cars are completely exposed to the look of passers-by, and some are completely covered with sand and earth. It is expected that shifting water courses and basins have unearthed long-buried cars.

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